Electronic "Help bracelet"

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"Help bracelet", if necessary, will instantly tell you about the health status of its owner and about his chronic diseases. An ambulance doctor or social worker will be able to access information using any smartphone.

Having received such a bracelet, a person enters information about his health into his personal account on the website qrepublik.ru. Here you can enter: blood type, drugs taken, allergies, diagnoses and health insurance number. In a special section, you can also enter the contacts of the attending physician or relatives, who will be able to promptly respond to specialists providing assistance.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”


All this data will be available to doctors, social workers and police officers. In addition, in the database, you can specify the procedure for providing first aid for bystanders - this is important for people who may need first aid.

Each time the information is read, a notification with the coordinates of the owner's location is automatically sent to the relatives or trusted persons of the bracelet wearer.

The system works on any smartphone or communicator. IPhone users just need to point their phone camera at the QR code of the bracelet. For devices running on the Android operating system, you need to launch any standard QR code reader application and then read the information from the bracelet.

As soon as the code is determined, a page with the profile of the person equipped with the bracelet will appear in the browser. The system can request permission to automatically provide location data - this will allow you to send a notification to relatives. Geolocation data is counted only once with the user's permission.

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