in accordance with
GOST R 51261

The standard devices for ensuring the accessibility of the object include stationary supports for movement, standing and sitting, including handrails. The support handrail with an aluminum frame and PVC coating is designed to provide movement, support and orientation for both visually impaired and musculoskeletal disorders. Recommended for use by VOS, state. the Accessible Environment program. Handrails, racks and other supporting devices in accordance with GOST R 51261 are recommended to be made, as a rule, of circular cross-section with a diameter of at least 40 mm and no more than 60 mm (for children - 30 mm). Handrails should be installed at a height of no more than 1.1 m and no less than 0.85 m from the floor and at a distance of no less than 0.6 m from the side wall of the room or other vertical plane.

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