Tactile floor indicator

"Service receipt field"

in accordance with
GOST R 52875-2018

A tactile floor sign "Field of receipt of service" is located in front of the place of provision of services at a distance of 300 mm from it. The pointer uses a corrugation type of transverse rectilinear reefs. The number of rectilinear reefs should be nine. The height of the reefs for the guides of the floor TNU "Field of service receipt" should be from 3 to 4 mm, depending on the type of surface of the communication path. The effective pointer depth is 420 to 510 mm. The width of the pointer must match the width of the place where the service is provided

Under no circumstances should the surface of the outdoor HPU be slippery. When moving in shoes in industrial premises, common areas of residential buildings, in buildings and structures with open access to the population, the coefficient of friction must be ensured not less than 0.35 when moving on dry floor coverings and not less than 0.4 - when moving on wet floor coverings according to SP 29.13330.2011.

pic A 7.jpg

Figure A-7

Corrugation shape - flat-topped rectilinear transverse reefs (9 pcs.), Used for arranging waiting fields and / or receiving services

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